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Sci-Fi Short from Colombia: Los caminos de octubre

Say cheese!

Here is another Rubén Fernández sci-fi short, Los caminos de octubre (The Roads of October). It’s about a little girl that likes to take pictures by the side of the road. Since this is science fiction you know there is a twist! It is innocent and creepy at the same time. Caminos comes after Fernández’s previous short Oasis Terminal. I loved the haunting music and sounds. Beautifully shot in Colombia. Click here to enjoy!


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Oasis Terminal, Colombian Sci-Fi Short

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Check out the dystopian short Oasis Terminal by Colombian filmmaker Rubén Fernández.  The story is about a young man that dreams of finding The Oasis, a genetic vault that contains all the necessary biological material to restart the world after war ravages the planet.  There is of course, a real seed vault near the North Pole, and I am surprised there haven’t been more films relating to this genetic holy grail. The plot follows a day in the life of this young man, a soldier of one of the many human factions left on Earth. Watch for the use of “Radioactive Cam” that makes you feel grateful for the air we breathe.

The entire short can be watched here.

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